Exrcises that will burn your belly fat

These days biggest problem everyone is experiencing is there belly fat. Everybody just want to cut is and throw it away. We are just working for hours in a gym but we are unable te get rid of this fat around the belly. But through this article we will concentrate on how to get rid of the fat around the Belly.

Running , walking and Cycling

One of the most effective way to burn your belly fat is running  on the treadmill and cycling. Since we all know that nothing could be better then some good cardio session it will help you to shed tons of calories that you consumed. But you should not do it in excess since it lead to muscle loss too. 20-25 minute of cardio is sufficient for the body.

Compound exercises

From my point of view compound exercises are one of the most essential to get rid of your belly fat. Compound exercises are the group of exercises that concentrate of your maximum body parts which will lead to the maximum muscle building. With the building of larger muscle in the body your metabolism rate will also tend to increase hence you will lose fabulous amount of fat from your body

Super sets

Super sets plays very crucial part in shedding the body and belly fat. The main concept of the super sets is to do the exercising very rigorously that increases the body temperature and hence it helps allot is shedding fat

Body weight exercises

Body weight exercises like Pullups , Pushups , Squarts , Lunges and Burpee will help you allot to get back into shape without having any equipment. One of the best bodyweight exercise to shed your belly fat is Burpee it will lead you to cut all your belly fat with the most efficient time 

Crunches , leg raise , Plank

When is comes to belly fat some on the specialized exercises like crunches  , legraise and Plank will work great to maintain your core strong and lean.

Lower body exercises

In order to cut all the belly fat never ignore the lower body portion . All the lower body exercises will work like a boon to reduce your belly fat.

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